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Jerry Nagano was born and raised in the Los Angeles area where he began his musical training at age ten. From the very beginning the movies played a major role in his musical life. It was because of attending a silent movie show accompanied by the Theater Pipe Organ that Jerry took an interest in the organ. After instruction on electronic organ for a period, he had a chance to study with organist Gaylord Carter, the very person who played for that silent film years before.

During his college years, Jerry was also the organist at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium playing their famed Reginald Foort/BBC Moller Pipe organ.  Friendships were made which led to instruction with Carter, Gordon Kibbee, and much later with the late Tom Hazleton.

For ten years he was the featured artist at Ye Olde Pizza Joynt in San Lorenzo, home of the “Wurlitzer in the Pizza Parlor” concept.  Since the Pizza Joynt days, Jerry has played at the Stanford Theater in Palo Alto where Classic Hollywood is screened nightly with intermissions performed on the Mighty Wurlitzer.  Recent additions include duties at the Oakland Paramount and the California Theatre in San Jose, playing not only the 4 manual auditorium organ but the fabulous 2/10 Style 216 Wurlitzer in the California’s lobby.  Patrons of the San Jose Opera, and Symphony Silicon Valley regularly dance their way to their seats to the rhythmic beat of the Wurlitzer organ.  In 2017 he was named Theater Organist of the Year by the American Theatre Organ Society.  Aside from his busy musical life, during the day Jerry is a Computer Systems Engineer for Stanford University.