RTOS Website Contents Guide

Below is a summary of each main menu title with a summary of the pages associated with that choice.

The website has two levels of menu choices as well as the “logo” title to the top left. The top row repeats sub-menu choices, allowing site visitors to directly access these choices. There’s a summary of each choice:

Top Row

  • The Rochester Theater Organ Society text logo identifies the site and provides a hot link to the About RTOS page which provides a quick summary the Society.
  • Join or Renew item provide a direct link to the On-Line Store membership ordering page.
  • Donate to RTOS Item provides a direct link to the On-Line Store donation page.
  • Facebook/Icon item takes you to the RTOS Facebook page.
  • YouTube/Icon item takes you to the RTOS YouTube Channel site.

Bottom Row

  • Home item is the landing pages when someone goes to rtosonline.org URL.
  • News item is where the latest event or membership information is placed.
  • Events item is where the details of the upcoming event or events can be found, including a season schedule.
  • Membership item is the page where you can review the value of an RTOS membership and select to join on-line or by mail-in form.
  • Media and Pubs item is where a collection of RTOS Blowers (newsletters) and other event reviews can be viewed.
  • RTOS History item is a series of pages that chronicles the history of the RTOS.
  • About item is a collection of items related to RTOS for our instruments and contact information.
  • Store item is the home page for the RTOS On-Line Store.
  • Search/Icon item provides the ability to search this site. To make a literal search enclose the text within quote marks ” ” to make it the most unique, otherwise comment text will return multiple returns.