Seasons Schedule

COVID-19 Policy

The Rochester Theater Organ Society complies with our host facility.

The theatre’s air filtration system has been upgraded to MERV 13 filters in the HVAC system, along with some special filters designed to deal with airborne pathogens. Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures are in place. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the lobby.

Proof of vaccination is not required for entry. While still highly encouraged, masks are optional when attending events at the West Herr Performing Arts Center. We appreciate the support, patience, and cooperation of our patrons as policies and procedures have evolved. If you are not feeling well on the day of your performance, we ask you to please stay home.

For the 2023-2024, 60th Concert Season, RTOS will present these events:

Date of EventArtist NameProgram Theme
October 15, 2023John Lauter Music from the Movies
December 10, 2023Tim Schramm Jingle All the Way
January 7, 2024Alex Jones
February 11, 2024Mark Herman A Full-Length Silent Film
March 3, 2024Ben Forsthoffer
March 24, 2024Eastman Bunch XV
and Ian Fraser
2023 ATOS Young Organist
Competition Winner
April 14, 2023Jerry Nagano Music & the Movies
May 19, 2024 Walter Strony
(All Dates are Subject to Change, if Required)

The on-line copy of the RTOS Blower always contains the latest event information.