RTOS Open Console

The concept of “open console” is one that allows RTOS members who are learning to play the theatre organ to try their hand at a theatre pipe organ. See the Open Console event schedule below. Most often, these are held at the Rochester Museum and Science Center’s Eisenhart Auditorium.

Eisenhart Auditorium Exterior View – Photo by Dick Harold

Wurlitzer 3/12 Opus 1492 Console at the Eisenhart Auditorium

Location and Schedule

Eisenhart Auditorium houses the 3/12 Wurlitzer at the Rochester Museum & Science Center Campus 657 East Avenue (at S. Goodman Street), Rochester, NY 14607.

Occasionally, the 4/23 Wurlitzer at the Auditorium Theatre becomes available and may also appear on the schedule below. Due to the fact that RTOS members are guests in these facilities, please check the schedule frequently for date and time revisions.

Current Schedule

These dates are subject to change.  RTOS Open Console Chairman Martin Ippolito for updates or playing reservation at (585)266-6337. 

Most Open Consoles are at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, Eisenhart Auditorium 3/12 Wurlitzer.  Occasionally an Open Console at the Auditorium Theater will be scheduled and added in place of one of the monthly dates when possible.

To reach the Eisenhart Auditorium use the same directions given for reaching the Auditorium Theatre except to turn right upon reaching East Ave. then turn right again into the first driveway and proceed past the main museum building to the parking lot across from the Eisenhart Auditorium located on your right. Other parking lots are available on the Museum campus. See map here.