RTOS Eisenhart Wurlitzer

RTOS installed a Wurlitzer 3/8 (opus 1492) in the 401-seat Eisenhart Auditorium located on the campus of the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC). It was dedicated and presented to the RMSC on Columbus Day (quite suitable for an opus 1492) in 1978. 

This instrument, which originally came from the Capitol Theater in Worcester, Massachusetts, has now been expanded to 12 ranks. The most recent addition, in December 1996, was a 61 pipe Clarinet rank. This instrument has been used for dance parties, Mardi Gras celebrations, Halloween parties, pizza parties, talent shows and other fun events.

The RMSC and RTOS have jointly produced elementary school age education programs on this instrument. Numerous Open Consoles have taken place at the Eisenhart. This instrument was also used for regularly scheduled membership concerts for almost two years while the 4-manual Auditorium Theatre console was completely refurbished. In all, more than 50 RTOS-sponsored major events using more than 25 theater organists and with more than 16,000 attendees have been held using this 3/12 WurliTzer. The Rochester Museum and Science Center has also employed this instrument for many of their programs.

RTOS 3/12 Wurlitzer Opus 1492 Specification

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