RTOS Contacts

The RTOS is under charter from the State of New York.  The Board of Directors for 2024 are:

  • Christine Van Stean, President/Secretary
  • Bob Bower, Vice-President
  • Bob Hunter, Treasurer
  • Ken Wilson, Membership Secretary
  • Christopher Haag, Director
  • Brian Volkmar, Director
  • Ted McWharf, Director
  • Greg Spring, Director
  • Russ Shaner, Director, Programs Chair
  • Gary Brumbaugh, Director
  • Tim Wagner, Director
  • Richard Neidich, Director, Website Administrator


William Porter, Eastman Liaison
Laura Finger, Blower Editor
Martin Ippolito, Open Console

The organization is managed by a Board of Directors listed above, half of which are elected each year to serve a two-year term. The easiest contact method for any RTOS related activity is using the e-mail links below. If you must use US mail, contact the President via address below.

President – Chris Van Stean

Vice- President – Bob Bower

Secretary – Ken Wilson

Treasurer – Bob Hunter

Membership – Ken Wilson

Programs – Russ Shaner

Publicity – Gary Brumbaugh

Open Console Coordinator, Martin Ippolito (585)266-6337

Website Administrator – Richard Neidich

RTOS Blower Editor – Laura Finger

Christine Van Stean
25 Courtly Circle
Rochester, NY 14615

Phone: (585) 621-5390