Media and Publications

The Rochester Theater Organ Society provides several ways to keep informed about the Society’s monthly event schedule as well as other activities. A membership provides copies of our newsletter, the RTOS Blower. Selected portions of RTOS programs are available on the RTOS YouTube Channel. The Society also maintains a Facebook page with links to other theatre organ activities.


The Rochester Theater Organ Society publishes a newsletter, the RTOS Blower. The name is derived from the organ’s critical component, the Spencer Orgoblo, the unit that supplies the organ its wind supply. The RTOS Blower is designed to keep the membership informed of our activities, including monthly performance events.

The latest issue of the RTOS Blower is located on the newsletter page, click on the button to the right.

An Archive of past issues can be reviewed on the Newsletter Archive page, here.

YouTube Channel

The Rochester Theater Organ Society has created a YouTube Channel. The RTOS Channel is designed to host selected event performances and occasional live event programs. When you visit the RTOS Channel you can subscribe to the RTOS Channel and will be notified when new content is posted.

When on YouTube, utilize our YouTube Handle, @Wurlitzer1951.

The channel can be reached using the button to the right. 

RTOS on Facebook

The Rochester Theater Organ Society maintains a Facebook page with a dialog of Rochester area events as well as other theatre organ activities. It can be viewed here.