/ RTOS Contacts

RTOS Contacts

The RTOS is under charter from the State of New York.  The Board of Directors for 2021 are:

Christine Van Stean, President
Bob Bower, Vice-President
Ken Wilson, Secretary, Membership Chair
Bob Hunter, Treasurer
Paul Law, Past President
David Higgs, Director
Ted McWharf, Director
Greg Spring, Director
Russ Shaner, Director, Programs Chair
Ken Veneron, Director
Andrew Magin, Director

Laura Finger, Blower Editor
Martin Ippolito, Open Console

The organization is managed by a Board of Directors, half of which are elected each year to serve a two year term. The easiest contact method is using the e-mail links above. If you must use US mail, contact the President via address below.

President – Chris Van Stean

Vice- President – Bob Bower

Secretary – Ken Wilson

Treasurer – Bob Hunter

Membership – Ken Wilson

Programs – Russ Shaner

Open Console Coordinator, Martin Ippolito (585)266-6337

Website Administrator – Richard Neidich

Christine Van Stean
25 Courtly Circle
Rochester, NY 14615

Phone: (585) 621-5390