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Seamus Gethicker

October 9, 2022

Seamus Gethicker is a young theatre organist from Bath, Maine. He is the 2016 winner of the American Theatre Organ Society’s “Young Theatre Organist Competition” and has since had the privilege of performing at venues across the country. As part of the annual Eastman Bunch event, Seamus first appeared at RTOS in 2017.  Having a broad taste in music, Seamus’ programs contain a wide variety of music that are sure to have something for everyone.  

Seamus’ interest in pipe organs began at age 8, when he attended a Christmas concert at Merrill Auditorium in Portland, Maine and first witnessed the mighty Kotzschmar Organ played by Ray Cornils, with whom he later studied classical organ throughout middle school and high school. Soon after discovering the pipe organ, he quickly found out about theatre organs and was instantly hooked. Since then, Seamus has enjoyed being involved with theatre organ in any way he can.

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Brett Valliant

November 20, 2022

Brett Valliant is an organist in demand for his ability to perform many different genres of music on the instrument he loves. Whether at an organ in a concert hall, a majestic church organ on Sunday morning, a mighty Wurlitzer in a theater, or a Hammond B-3 in a jazz club, Brett is right at home. Critics internationally have defined his performances as “exciting,” “refreshing,” “unorthodox,” and “astonishing.”

Brett was inspired by the organ at church when he was just 3 years old.  At age 4 he began piano instruction and soon after was studying organ as well.  By the age of 12, Brett was employed as a church organist having held onto the dream he had at such an early age, and at age 19 performed his first international concert tour.  Brett studied organ at Wichita State University as well as privately in Arizona and Australia. 

For nearly 20 years, Brett was the organist of First United Methodist Church of Wichita, KS where he played a large and unique Schantz pipe organ and oversaw a music department seen by thousands across the Midwest on the church’s weekly television program.

Brett was also the Artist in Residence for Wichita Theatre Organ where he played the former New York Paramount Theatre Wurlitzer organ now housed in Wichita’s Century II Civic Center. Brett’s recordings have been featured on National Public Radio’s Pipe Dreams as well as the National Bible Broadcasting Network. 

In the world of silent film, Brett is well known for scoring and accompanying many films but is best known for dramatic films such as King of Kings, Phantom of the Opera, The Ten Commandments, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Wings, and The Eagle.  He has performed at the International Film Festival hosted by the American Film Institute and been a featured performer at American Guild of Organists and American Theatre Organ Society national conventions.  He has toured extensively as a solo artist, featured soloist with orchestras, and film accompanist in 48 states of the US as well as abroad.

In his free time, Brett enjoys sailing, skating, and playing the piano and accordion.  Music is and always will be Brett’s passion, though some may be surprised to know his favorite music of all time is classic rock ‘n’ roll!