About the Rochester Theater Organ Society

The Rochester Theater Organ Society (RTOS) is a 503c3 not for profit organization chartered in the State of New York. Its operations are managed by a Board of Directors and a set of Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) and several Committee Chair people. Below is a list of these key contacts as well as links to e-mail forms by which any can be contacted. Each individual’s title is a link to their respective contact form.

(We do know how to spell. The Rochester Theater Organ Society’s corporate papers utilized the “er” versus “re” spelling of theater, therefore, we utilize that spelling in our title, while other uses of theatre are the “re” spelling.)

The RTOS was formed in 1964 to preserve theatre pipe organs for the residents of Rochester and the surrounding areas in upstate New York. RTOS is an independent organization incorporated by the state of New York as a not-for-profit educational institution.

RTOS operates an annual concert schedule of 8 programs from September to June of each concert season. 

The Society celebrated its 50th Anniversary the weekend of October 3-5 of 2014.  The Society maintains two examples of the Wurlitzer theatre organ. 

Contact information can be found here.