2023 Eastman Bunch XIV

2023-04-02 – This afternoon the Rochester Theater Organ Society presented the Eastman Bunch XIV event along with Brett Miller and Gavin Rice’s Concert Jazz Ensemble. Part 1 included six Eastman School of Music organ major students along with their theatre organ coach, Professor William Porter. Part 2 of the event usually presents the previous year’s winner of the ATOS Young Organist Competition, however there was no contest last year. Brett Miller theatre organist, a student at Eastman’s Music Education program, brought along Gavin and his Concert Jazz Ensemble to present classic dance jazz tunes and a short silent film.

Part 1 – Eastman School of Music Organ Majors

This year there were six organist participants.  Pictured above, left to right are: Professor William Porter (honorary RTOS member can coach), Chris Van Stean (RTOS President) and Eastman School of Music organ students Isaiah Williams, Ali Santos, Daniel Minnick, Alexander Little, Anne Marie Lim and Benjamin Kjell.

Below are photos from the event during which Professor Porter briefly interviewed each presentor and random photos of the first part of the day’s program.

Part 2 – Gavin Rice and his Concert Jazz Ensemble with Brett Miller

Above is Gavin Rice’s Concert Jazz Ensemble with Brett Miller as they appeared as the second part of the 2023 Eastman Bunch XIV for The Rochester Theater Organ Society.  The group’s players are, from left to right: Addie Canning, Brett Miller, Gavin Rice, Israel Stone, Dan Atkinson, Will Anderson, Carter Bowman, Ian Oliver, Matthias Roth and Jack Kelley.  In addition to a number of period jazz tunes, Brett Miller presented a short silent film from 1928.

Below are a few photos from this part of the program.